• Sell your app outside app stores and retain 100% of sales

  • Have your users translate your apps for you

  • Let customers transfer app ownership from phone to phone

  • Listen and share what your users think about your apps

  • Leverage the power of cloud storage for your apps

What is cloud4apps?

cloud4apps is a set of FREE cloud services and tools designed to be consumed by any native or web app regardless of the platform. Cloud computing brings unprecedented sophistication to mobile applications and cloud4apps makes it possible for developers. cloud4apps services are accessed by native or web apps via REST-based APIs with data formatted as JSON or JSONP; this makes our services and data transmission very fast, lightweight and easy to be consumed from any app or web domain and by a mulitude of programming languages and platforms. cloud4apps services incorporate robust device security, data security, authentication, authorization, and data transmission security to protect sensitive data from mobile applications and users.

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App Translation

Easily enable multiple languages in your mobile apps or web sites with our localization as a service platform. Using the power of crowd-sourcing and cloud services let your app users contribute to new and better translations; deliver new and improved translations to your apps in real-time with no need to additional software deployments.

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In-App Sales (OpenPayments)

Support different payment systems and retain 100% of your sales without paying commissions to third-party app stores. All our screens are designed to run in large and small screens such as smartphones, tablets and PCs therefore letting your customers pay from any platform they prefer.
Try it here with one of our own apps.

Licensing Management

Allow your users to automatically transfer their app purchases to other phones. Our services will keep a record for each app license and associated user ids. We provide a comprehensive administrative console from where you can manage apps, licenses, customers and all sorts of reports such as a detailed sales dashboard.

Remote Error Logging

Persist all app failures into our services and access the exact error messages and stack traces. Then group errors and sort them by number of occurrences so that you focus on resolving the ones with most impact first. Click here to explore the remote error logging APIs.

Cloud Data Storage

Store and share data between devices and between users. Store app preferences and data into our cloud storage, then use it to backup and restore or to incorporate community-shared-data features to your app. Click here to explore the Cloud Data Storage APIs.

Android Apps

We have developed a few apps that consume cloud4apps services. Click here for more details about our apps.
If you own any of our apps you can find answers to common questions from the Apps section in the Discussion tab.